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1250 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY 10128


The Works Gallery is a sophisticated jewelry store that has graced The Upper East Side of New York for twenty-one years. From its simple beginning, to the upscale town of Southampton, L.I., the thirty year old business has culminated its journey in the city as a success. The classic store presents a wide scope of fine jewelry created by some of the most famous and talented artisans from around the globe.


Thank you for visiting Works Gallery. We hope you enjoy browsing our carefully curated collection of fine jewelry and refined craftsmanship.

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El Dorado

by Michael Bondanza

Alessandro Barellini

Recognized for its chic blend of contemporary and classic design, the Idrus Collection is the premier fine jewelry collection by Alessandro Barellini.


Bikakis & Johns

Christina Malle

Barbara Heinrich


Stop by Works Gallery and discover unique, handcrafted designs from the world’s top goldsmiths